Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RestaurantEngines.com Offers Mobile iPhone, Android App to Increase Exposure for Restaurants

RestaurantEngines.com gives restaurants their own dedicated iPhone and Android App as well as a web 2.0 website – all with integrated online ordering. It allows smaller restaurants to compete against large chains without a large investment.

For: Restaurant technology providers, marketing consultants, restaurant owners and website designers who wish to add the services to their offerings as a partner or private label.

Stand out from the crowd: The closest competitors either offer restaurants to be part of a list app, or they have very basic stand-alone apps.

Restaurant Engines offers dedicated apps, a dedicated website, integrated ordering for web for both iPhone and Android devices, QR code functionality, online booking and much more.

Vision: Restaurant Engines drives big business for smaller restaurants that don’t have the budget to spend on a custom website and/or app development. For the consumer we aim to provide the simplest and most convenient way for them to order the food they want from the restaurants they love. “From hand to mouth in no time”. Hungry to learn more...read more

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