Friday, May 20, 2011

Retirement Investment Strategies Launches to Help Retirees

Retirement Investment Strategies launched a new website this month, located at

The site educates individuals within 10 years of retirement or those already in retirement about retirement planning issues.Topics coveredon the site offer help with the complex rules associated with 401k, 403b, 457, IRA, and other retirement plans.

“The goal of the website is to educate individual investors in a way that is easy to understand,” says Radon Stancil, CERTIFIED FIANNCIAL PLANNER™ and managing partner of Retirement Investment Strategies.He says, “We find that many people are confused by the rules associated with 401k rollovers and IRA distribution planning. The new site will provide a resource that can be easily accessible and understood.”

The site features how-to videos, podcasts, and articles. Stancil explains, “If a retiree wants to know the steps required to rollover a 401k to an IRA, they will find written instructions and a video on the site that walks them through the steps.” Other topics covered on the site include income planning, estate planning, and timely updates for ongoing issues faced by those in or close to retirement.

Retirees and those approaching retirementoften receive invitations to attend “free” seminars about retirement and estate planning.Studies show that 70% of those that receive these invitations will never attend. The new site,, provides a way for those individuals to sit in the comfort of their home without any pressure and learn about the issues that concern them personally.It allows them to be in control of when and what they more
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