Friday, July 22, 2011

Chicago's Midwest Chiropractic Launches Health Resource Blog

Midwest Chiropractic

Midwest Chiropractic, a premier Chicago chiropractor and health services clinic, has announced the launch of a new health resource blog with topics that appeal to current patients as well as the general public. 
The new blog concentrates on health issues that patients care about most, such as healthcare services, medical news, preventative health, injury prevention, accident recovery and rehabilitation exercise. Users are able to read about information related to their condition. Furthermore, the blog presents information in a way that is easy to understand and apply for users.

"These innovative features greatly expand our ability to not only treat, but also provide education to help our patients and readers sustain improved health long into their lives," said Dr. Ali Rafie, medical director of Midwest Chiropractic. "With these resources that even our geriatric patients can navigate, we can develop a holistic wellness approach that can ensure, as I joke with patients, that I will never have to see them in my office again."

Better Health Information
Midwest Chiropractic recently released new health education additions to their wellness resource library. This collection contains some of the Web’s most useful health, nutrition and spine care resources.  It also delivers how-to resources more

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