Monday, July 25, 2011

Horde Of Kids Launch Unique Charity T-Shirt Site

Horde Of Kids Launch Unique Charity T-Shirt SiteURL:
A few stores are opening, but the streets are mostly desolate. The gray and graffitied walls of the buildings are stark in the weekend sun. There is a stillness, until the turn of the corner from Traction onto Hewitt, where over a hundred kids gather. 
They stand in pairs and trios with loads of bright fabric in their arms. They're preparing, it seems, for something outrageous. They line the street from top to bottom, and a fiery young redhead signals to the group. All at once, the hundred kids run, letting the fabric loose. They stretch it across the street, pulling it over cars, and any obstacles in their way, while neighbors peek from their windows, and strangers join, because it's the kind of carelessness that is totally contagious. 
Within minutes they've covered the entirety of the street. Their motto: "Paint the world the color you want it." Without knowing what will happen, and adamantly not caring about any set of rules, these kids are starting something big. They call it a revolution, and they have a company as their vehicle. is a new online store where every purchase you make contributes to a charity. The fiery young redhead is 19-year-old Jessie Willner. She started the company with an overly simple mission: "to change the world". Liveacre's first line is a black or white t-shirt with a hand-drawn bird that stretches across one side. With every shirt bought, Liveacre plants 3 trees through their partnered charity, Plant-It 2020. That's one tee for three trees. With every line that comes out, Liveacre gives away a third to half of their profits to charity. For everything they sell, more

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