Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Now Offering Fine Men's Stationery


Page Stationery (, a leading online retailer of custom stationery, announces the launch of a new line of social men's stationery called “Stationery for Men”. As the name implies, the collection is specifically designed for and tailored to men and its’ purpose is to provide men with unique and creative, yet masculine stationery which, up until now, has been lacking in the stationery industry.

Stationery for Men solves the fundamental problem that a man has of finding a masculine way of expressing himself using stationery. Traditionally, the stationery industry has been geared towards women. The best a man could do was a simple notecard with their name at the top in a masculine font. 
Stationery for Men goes way beyond this by featuring a wide assortment of truly, manly motifs, design and artwork that display activities and interests from the manly realms of hunting, fishing, boating and even working. It offers a way for men to take up a pen and genuinely express themselves on paper. 

The collection is composed of sets with names like “The Explorer”, The Navigator”, “The Executive” and “The Patriot”. Frustrated by the lack of suitable stationery for men, Page Stationery’s Sales Director, Taylor Johnson, created a few motifs for his personal use. “I wanted men's stationery that was me; stationery that expressed who I am and my interests” says Johnson. “I also wanted to see more men writing notes in general. It’s becoming a lost art...but maybe, this collection can help change that.” 
Johnson recently approached the Art of Manliness blog to see if other men were looking for the same kind of product. “We added some motifs specifically for the AoM community. The response has been wonderful. Many men out there have similar needs and they more

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