Thursday, December 08, 2011

Sustainable Building Products Firm Launches New Corporate Identity


Deceuninck, the leading Belgian designer and producer of building products in PVC & Twinson  has started rolling out its new corporate identity. It is expected to be fully implemented in all its branches worldwide by 2012. 
The aim is to better communicate the core values of the company: innovation, ecology and design. "Building a sustainable home is our main goal", says  CEO Tom Debusschere. "It defines why we exist as a company."

Creating a stronger, unified voice
Deceuninck specializes in creating innovative and sustainable building solutions for PVC windows and PVC doors, outdoor living, roofline and cladding and interior. An updated logo, website, look and feel are now being rolled out worldwide. By launching this new corporate identity, Deceuninck aims to create a stronger voice in the industry and to emphasize the unity within the company, that comprises of branches in 26 countries all over the world. CEO Tom Debusschere: "We decided on this new corporate identity together. I wanted it to be the joint belief of everyone in the company. All of our branches work with state-of-the art materials only, in order to deliver low maintenance, top insulating and long-lasting products that can be fully recycled. With the new website and logo, we will be able to better communicate this to the world."

Combining top performance and sustainability
Past efforts in sustainability prove that these are no empty words.  Every product we make, both in PVC or the unique single base material Twinson is 100% recyclable. Moreover, there is an absolute focus to make products that are top insulating. "Top performance and sustainability are definitely combinable," says Debusschere.  "We build homes that are more energy-efficient ├índ nicer to look at." The new logo and website should be implemented in all local communications by more

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