Monday, March 19, 2012 Launches New Site About Horoscope Compatibility, Relational Astrology
Autarkic Enterprises LLC has gone live on the web with the launch of, a new website on horoscope compatibility and relational astrology

This new website puts a fresh spin on some ancient information. Synastry is the branch of astrology that is dedicated to the study of relationships and compatibility based on a person’s natal horoscope. draws from this branch of astrology for insight and information about personalities and relationships.  Using an individual’s zodiac sign, the website rates and describes in detail the best and worst matches for every zodiac sign.

The website also makes predictions about the likes and dislikes of different zodiac signs including turn-on’s and off’s based on this astrology.

"Astrology can reveal hidden aspects in the personality of others, as well as within one’s self," says company spokesperson Jennifer Lynn.  "The insight and enlightenment accurate astrology provides is not only invaluable for predicting compatibility, but for improving existing relationships as well. It also offers the opportunity for self improvement through a better understanding of personal more

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