Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hylunia Skin Care Uses Digital To Educate Consumers on Safe and Effective Skin Care


Consumers looking for both safe and effective skin care brands for their entire family need look no further. Launched in 1988, Hylunia Skin Care has been known for making natural, organic skin care products that correct and prevent skin conditions, and are both safe and effective. 

Making good on a commitment to help educate consumers, the company recently launched a redesigned website at They have also created a thoughtfully prepared email regimen customized to their customers’ unique needs as well as a brand new Facebook page and Twitter account.  This expansion of the brand’s digital footprint marks Hylunia’s emergence as a serious player in the natural, organic skin care market.

Why Natural, Organic Skin Care?
An overwhelming majority of personal care products available in the market today contain harmful ingredients that are linked to cancer and other health conditions when used over an extended period of time, and cause over 70% of skin inflammation*.  In fact, a majority of personal care products on the average consumer’s bathroom shelf fall in this category. Consumers are finally realizing the harmful effects of many of the over-the-counter and premium skin care products and taking steps to protect their own and their family’s health.

How Hylunia is Different
Almost 24 years ago, when their first product was launched, Hylunia was among the very first skin care companies to recognize the effects of inflammation on health and aging, and to develop a truly revolutionary line of products. With an accomplished team of dermatologists, scientists and physicians with over 200 years of combined experience, they developed products using safe, organic and natural ingredients.  Today, the company continues to select ingredients that maximize results and prevent skin conditions by helping skin repair itself.  Hylunia’s products use 12 patented amino complexes, peptides, anti-oxidants and plant extracts known for their rejuvenation qualities and a revolutionary anti-aging liquid crystal penetration technology that is especially effective in keeping skin radiant and youthful-looking.

The brand’s Hylunia Skin Manifesto pledges their commitment to improving skin care health.  In keeping with their promise – “For Our Family, And Yours” – the company has also launched a skin care tips blog as well as an extensive glossary on the benefits of various ingredients, to help educate customers on seasonal and topical skin care concerns and how more

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