Thursday, April 12, 2012 Lets Everyday Experts Create Product Reviews, Earn Passive Income

Ukritic ( opened its doors to the public on March 22nd, 2012. Founded by Chris Rempel and Matthew Chitty of Victoria, BC, Ukritic is part blogging platform, part consumer review portal, and part marketing launchpad.
Perhaps the easiest way to accurately summarize the site is to quote a recent comment from Rempel: "Think of us as or, but specifically for product reviews. And because we allow members to recommend products with affiliate links – there's a lot of earning potential here for folks that can produce compelling reviews on stuff that's in high demand.”

It's all based on the premise that the majority of online consumers will research a product – particularly by looking for user reviews – prior to making their purchase. In fact, given the findings from a recent study (by RazorFish) - which states that "61% of people now rely on user reviews before making a purchase decision” - publishing reviews could well be one of the most consistent ways to generate a web-based income as an content writer.
But it's not a free-for-all, and Ukritic has high content standards. Rempel went on to explain that as a site that facilitates affiliate marketing (where contributors can earn money when their readers buy recommended products), the key to maintaining quality content is through user education, and vigilant moderation.
"We know that being an affiliate-friendly platform is going to invite some riff-raff along the way, and we're prepared to deal with it. Specifically speaking, every review on Ukritic is actually moderated by editorial staff before it even sees the light of day.”

No doubt, this heavy-handed approach to policing content is going to result in slower content growth, but the founders feel that it's a worthy more

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