Friday, May 04, 2012

New Website Points The Way To Improved Signage

Impact Signs ( has launched a new website filled with innovative features that bring a fresh approach to architectural signage. 

Corporate signs have never been so easy to create.
The new site includes an extensive gallery of vivid, detailed images that help designers move ideas from the drawing board to reality. Detailed specifications give architects the information they need to create accurate specifications. Charts that demonstrate color and texture help to determine the best options. The website adds new sources of inspiration to the industrial design toolbox and provides resources that streamline signage design and development.

Architectural signage helps shape an organization's brand identity. Architects and designers can incorporate a company's trademarks, logos, distinctive fonts, and other branding elements in a sign to create a unique, attention-getting corporate sign. 
Small business signs and massive corporate signs alike make an all-important first impression on customers, vendors, employees and other visitors to a facility. Business signs also serve other useful purposes. Organizations need signage throughout their facilities to direct visitors to entrances, elevators, conference more

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