Thursday, September 18, 2014 - The Definitive Guide to Men's Fitness, Aging, and Health lets busy men take control of their health and wellness activities. It provides straightforward exercise, nutrition, aging and health information as well as personalized applications for building workout routines and evaluating health. The EMG website addresses every man's lifestyle, aging, and health issues in one clean, easy to navigate site.

The Elite Men's Guide website ( aka EMG features a customizable Workout Builder ( that lets users easily construct weight training workouts that fit their goals and time constraints. Users simple their workout goals (muscle growth, muscle endurance, or strength and endurance), the number of times per week available to train and desirable workout length, and the type of equipment available. Then, EMG's Workout Builder provides a tailored workout routine, which can be brought straight to the gym with our mobile compatible website. The EMG Workout Builder makes use of EMG's comprehensive collection of 100+ fully narrated, HD exercise demonstration videos that show proper technique.

The site also features a wealth of articles and infographics on exercise and nutrition basics as well as sleep, aging, testosterone, and health topics men should know about. Users can also access convenient calculators that allow them to determine their body mass index and waist to height ratio and perform health checks. By being aware of the most important men's health numbers and knowing their numbers, users can better take control of their health. 

In the near future, will launch a new set of personalized applications for men for exercise tracking (fully compatible with wearable activity trackers), nutrition tracking, and health number tracking.
Ultimately, what makes so useful is the way it brings together all these features into one clean, easy to navigate site that provides busy men a definitive online source to take control of their health and wellness activities. 

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