Monday, September 22, 2014

Florida Probate, Trust and Estate Blog from Lawyers of Clark Skatoff Helps Simplify Complex Cases

Florida continues to be an important state for probate, trust, and guardianship litigation, as Florida retains is traditional role as the destination for east-coast retirees. Law is not fixed – it is constantly being refined as courts handle difficult and complex cases and new law is made on a regular basis. As the Courts in Florida continue to churn out new cases and decisions in the probate, trust and guardianship fields, the law in these important areas evolves on an almost daily basis. 

The lawyers of Clark Skatoff PA, through their legal blog at, provide fresh and constant updates of all cases in the probate, trust, and guardianship areas, usually within days of each case being issue by the Florida court. Said managing probate attorney Jeffrey Skatoff, "We try to explain each new case in simple enough terms for lay persons, yet also provide enough technical analysis so that the information is useful for lawyers who practice in the probate, trust, and guardianship fields. We also provide updates and analysis of cases in jurisdictions outside of Florida that our readers might have an interest in – such as a trust investment loss case, or a probate dispute over a lost or missing will". (read more)

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